Saturday, February 27, 2010

and I must admit, Irina Ionesco is goddess.  There is none like her, one of a kind chilling beauty of being a women. Every time I think I have moved on, I come back 

My mind has been blooming with ideas and creative knowledge lately, but too sad for poor little me all the dumb class work I have to do, no time is left to create. I need to envelop myself in an atmosphere of the other world, and i keep telling myself, one day one day I'll move out, one day I'll get out of here, but maybe they all are silly excuses. I am like most, a procrastinator with a hand full of excuses and head full of dreams and there's those attention span problems, the carelessness of the moment is just too alluring.  

I guess all that leads to this: my tightly sewed up eyes were ripped open. Yes i think ripped is the right word, it was forceful and it was painful, but all of a sudden my outlook on the world has greatly changed. Not just on the world but also on the things I do and things I create, and why i create them, you know, that bigger picture everyone seems to be talking about and rarely finds. I like to think I set my foot on the right path, it seems dark ahead for now and I don't know how long before the sun will rise, but the other path is a deadend. So so so, what I'm saying is I will experiment with art, do everything I was too afraid or incapable of doing before. I want to find the edge of that metaphorical box and join Damien Hirst on the other side, because I know that bastard is waiting! In the end I might create a different dA and have it as an alter ego sort of thing until it will become who I am...we'll see, thinking ahead is too much right now. 

I've discovered this amazing piece, gloves made out of teabags and velevt. Im not too sure why it fascinates me this much.

and me sleeping in the snow, part of the assignment I might revel a lot latter 


Friday, February 26, 2010

forgive me for the wrong hand posture, somehow in the moment I forgot. This was so random, the fabric fell on my head, the light played on it perfectly, and the camera was right there, so I took a snapshot and god do i love it! 

I am not Christian. I merely like to incorporate some concepts into my art for personal reasons. I look at religious as a subject of study rather than worship. 

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Luis Sanchis

I have realized, when I look at something beautiful everything in me lights up. At times world seems blue I turn to the silly art blogs I have bookmarked and become sucked in a world of wonder until my eyes turn red. 

I think I want to try making films, at first nonsensical art clips, but I'm sure it will evolve from there. This one I stumbled upon and fell in love. I must experiment~

Monday, February 22, 2010

So there it goes, the package with my fate tightly sealed. Nothing left to do but to wait, oh the anxious wait.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

hmmm...this is going to be, like the title says, a Dissection of thoughts. I've always had a hard time putting my thoughts on paper or in fact, typing them out. So this...this is going to be everything: endless ramblings and pointless images, things that inspire me and maybe even the ones that devastate me, everyday happenings and once in a life time moments. Overall, this is going to be a delicious vomit of my confused brain. Stick around and find out. This will be everything I've always wanted from a blog ✂