Friday, February 26, 2010

forgive me for the wrong hand posture, somehow in the moment I forgot. This was so random, the fabric fell on my head, the light played on it perfectly, and the camera was right there, so I took a snapshot and god do i love it! 

I am not Christian. I merely like to incorporate some concepts into my art for personal reasons. I look at religious as a subject of study rather than worship. 


  1. mmmm.....religious iconography. I love the colors and your face, and your nose!!! I started a sasha folder on my computer to save all the stuff of yours I like.
    We are going to do exciting things!!!! Weeeeeeeee........
    Loves explosion.

  2. oh! I feel so honored o:
    but, yes, this definitely was meant to be religious, and the light was just mesmerizing, too perfect not to take a picture!